Elaine and Nick

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Sunol’s Casa Bella Event Center

Photographer: Mckenzie Lynn Photography

Wedding style Romantic
Wedding colors White and Pink
Floral Selections Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Anemones 

Are anemones good wedding flowers?

It seldom rains in Northern California. But it was one of these days. It was a very special day when Elain and Nick said “I do” in front of family and friends and exchanged their vows. A big work has been done to set up a alfresco wedding ceremony and reception in Sunol’s Casa Bella Event Center. Despite that team had to organize everything indoors on the day of the event. And all wedding flowers, including ranunculus, anemone and roses looked amazing.

What does it mean if you get married while it's raining?

We in Bloom Gallery Flowers strongly believe that getting married while it’s raining means good luck. The bride looked absolutely fabulous in a gorgeous lace dress with a big bridal bouquet made of anemones, ranunculus and roses. Just look at the photos. Elaine is shining in her pure white wedding dress with a long veil contrasted with the views of dark green vineyards and gloomy sky. Modest and chic in the same time, flowers added a luxury touch to the bridal look.

What do anemone symbolize?

As you can see from all the beautiful photos, bride had a gorgeous big bouquet mainly made with anemone flowers. This wedding was all about good symbols. The most significant anemone flower meaning is anticipation. This is because the anemone flowers close up at night and open back up in the morning. Due to its wild nature, the flower serves as a reminder to enjoy life, look forward together and take opportunities at the right time.

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